8IN (∞ inside) aims to improve people's lives and living conditions through digital transformation and technological innovation—the project targeted to deliver a great goal that should be welcomed from all different world cultures.

In August 2008, the first project scope created by one of the founding professionals of the 8IN project. It took 3 years of study and hundreds of meetings with other professionals to create a clear resolution before hitting the start button. While the project expected to be launched in 2011, the team found out that one main step should be taken before the publication. This step took 10 years, and the project has delayed to 2021. Compared to Mr Peter Higgs, who spent 49 years of his life to prove the "God Particle", 10 years was not a big deal.

One of the 8IN project founding members spent 10 years reaching every country and numerous cities on our planet to understand "who we are". If we want to deliver something to the entire planet, improve people's lives and living conditions of our societies, and us, we need to see very different cultures and people from all over the world.

8IN project is online to push the limits of our knowledge, our experience, our understanding within our capacities which will be increased by collaborating with people from very different cultures.